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Ever since I can remember, I have held artistic potential in my soul. While today I am thinking over the concept for a new work, I am usually applying to my inner child for help.

I finished Art School in my home city, Moscow and I was very enthusiastic about my future career in arts.

However, I made a couple of sharp turns trying to establish myself..
So, I finished PhD in Molecular Biology and worked as a scientist in medical research. At some point I realized that I want  to return to my home universe. I took all my courage and turned my career to Graphic Design. I am enjoying working as a Graphic Artist making branding and illustration. In parallel I started to paint more, then more, then even more, and finally, I decided to share my art with the world. Now I'm a Toronto based artist participating in local exhibitions, charity events and selling my Objects.

As I create my Object, emotions become colors on the canvas. Working mostly in abstract, I'm developing my own distinct style. I love discovering new techniques in expressing myself, including digital tools, such as my designer’s side helps here. I call most of my works emotional landscapes. Anyway, it is all about emotions: warm joy of fruit summer, serenity of the river life, meditative relaxation while standing behind a waterfall, fantasy of space traveling or wandering in front of nascent Galaxy, passion burning as a fire in the night, freedom of ocean underwater or tropical winds - you will find these all in my paintings.

Anna Skomorovsky, Artist of Objects Art Gallery
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