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This is a fantasy of a fabulous underground world of dwarfs which are famous in Scandinavian mythology as kobolds, lower elves and gnomes. In myths and tales these creatures possess wealth and skills. They wear beards and live underground, they guard treasures in the mountains. According to the Scandinavian myths, they made many magical treasures for the gods - the necklace for Freya, the golden ring for Odin, the hammer for Thor, the ring of strength and treasure of the Nibelungs.

Creative accent for modern interior. Glassy, shimmering, glossy, translucent. And also very fresh, Stimulating imagination, meditative.

- Medium: art resin, acrylic paint on wood panel.

- Style: Modern, Abstract
- Support: wooden board, sides are painted as the continuation of the painting.
- Colors: Blues, brown, beige, cream, gold.

- Size: 24" x 30" x 1.5".
- Resin artwork has shiny and strong glassy surface. It is very stable, it does not need varnish to protect the painting from UV rays and dust. May clean it with mild glass cleaner.
- Ready to hang, does not need frame. Back wired.

- Painting is signed and dated by the artist at its back.
- Certificate of Authenticity will be provided. This piece is one of a kind.

Shipping: Ready to ship within 1-3 business days of payment.

*** FREE SHIPPING in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

*** Shipping rates are subject to change depending on destination and current costs/rates. They are also negotiable depending on the price of the artwork. I will never charge more than the cost of shipping.

Custom requests welcome! Please, contact me with your ideas, we'll make the dream real!

Treasures Of Underground Kings. Object #44.

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